The Multi-Point Astragal combines the weather-sealing, energy-saving benefits of multi-point locking with our Ultimate Astragal. The Multi-Point Astragal operates from standard lock set deadbolt packages and requires no additional hardware or extensive machining, allowing for easy installation and retrofitting to existing door units. Three secure locking points deliver rock solid performance. Standard.

MPA Features and Benefits

Three secure locking points.

Typical French door installations only hold the active door at one point: the deadbolt. This permits door panel deflecion and air and water infiltration. With the Multi-Point Astragal, angaging the deadbolt activates three secure locking points in the astragal. An easy-to-use patented flip lever operates both the top and bottom flush bolts in a single motion. Weather is sealed out; deflection is eliminated.

Easy to use, easy to install.

The Multi-Point Astragal works with most standard deadbolt packages, requiring no additional hardware or extensive machining. The result is easy installation and retro-fitting to existing door units - savings for you.


MPA Bochure

For more information regarding the Multi-Point Astragal features and installation, check out our videos.