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Endura Products, Inc., is an innovative, growing company, which specializes in the design and manufacturing of components for the door and window manufacturing industry. Endura is committed to improving building practices with products, systems and processes which enhance performance and provide exceptional value throughout the entire product life cycle. Endura is driven to succeed with a focused vision of creating products which bring tangible benefits to the applications in which they are utilized.

Endura products provides real world solutions for real world exterior door problems through innovative components including (1) sills, (2) frames (3) Astragals or multi-point locks, (4) weathersealing and (5) Mull packs.


Our History

Dave Spielman founded Endura in 1954 as Distributors Reserve Supply, a distributor of tile board paneling which was widely used in kitchen and bath during the fifties. As market demands changed, DRS kept pace meeting customer needs with widely expanded product offerings. In 1964, the company changed its name to Endura Products and began focusing on door-related hardware and thresholds.

Today, Endura Products has grown into the leading manufacturer of performance door components. We are focused on identifying, understanding and solving issues surrounding exterior doors. Endura components bring optimal performance in keeping air and water from infiltrating and in preventing rot or warping.

Real world solutions for real world problems. Performance Standard.

2013 Endura Product Highlights